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What is Arios?

Arios Software provides website design services, workflow automation, and technology consultation to small businesses. The company is fully dedicated to cutting edge technologies such as Ruby on Rails and Apple's Cocoa framework. These and many others are selected for use on a per-project basis. Arios Software highly values design and simplicity as a means to create a beautiful, compelling, and effective Internet presence.


Arios Software owes a debt of gratitude to Ambrosia Software, Inc., the esteemed developer of Macintosh computer games and utilities, for the inspiration behind its founding. In the spring of 1998, Jeff Seibert began developing a plug-in for Ambrosia's Escape Velocity, a 2D space exploration and third-person-shooter. The game, recognized as one of the greatest Macintosh games of all time, allowed the complete modification of its graphics, sounds, and data files through the use of such plug-ins, which took the form of Macintosh resource files.

In the winter of 1998-99, Jeff acquired Mac Programming for Dummies by Dan Parks Sydow and devoured it in his pursuit to become a better programmer. The book taught the basics of the C programming language and he was immediately captivated. At the age of 13 he released his first complete program to the public: Histogram 1.0, a dedicated histogram graphing application.

In the following years, Seibert continued to code applications in C, releasing updates to Histogram and working on a number of other small programs under the Arios name. With the release of Apple's Mac OS X in 2001, Arios Software released a Carbonized, native version of Histogram. In January of 2002, Seibert began work on EVONE, his second major application. With the goal of writing a fully graphical plug-in editor for Escape Velocity, he worked closely with the still active EV developer community to design its features. EVONE in effect brought Arios Software full circle, from creating the plug-in, to making the editor.

Beginning in 2003, the company's focus shifted to technology consultation and website design services for small businesses. Arios has to-date worked closely with countless companies, developing their web presences and advising them on how to best make use of emerging computer technologies. A detailed list of recent clients can be found on the Portfolio page.

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We will try our best to get you a personal, prefessional response to your inquiry within 3 business days, and in many cases we are able to reply within hours. If you feel the message is critical, please do not hesitate to mark it as such, and we will reply as soon as possible. Please do, however, take time to provide as much information as possible - it is a waste of time for both us if we need to contact you for more information before sending a response.

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To put it simply, we hate spam just as much as you do, so we will not share or disseminate any information about you unless required to by law. We use your email address only to reply to your direct requests and will not send you any promotional material unless you explicitly sign up for it.

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